Game awards

€100 Prize Pool!

Rules and Conditions of the Game with predictions organized by PREMIUMBET.NET

The game has been made in the possibly easiest and most convenient way and in order to provoke your sports knowledges. Besides we are going to give big cash prizes.

To take part in our game first you have to register yourself.

Every week our team will choose random number of matches (according to the sports calendar), which you will predict with 1X2, as well as with exact score. In a case of a won sign 1X2 you win 1 point, in case you guess the exact score you win 2 points. After you have logged into the site, going to “Current Prodictions” you will see the games, of which you can give your predictions.

The game is divided into 2 periods in the month, each of them independent regarding the prizes of the other one. The first cycle is from 1st to 14th day. At the end of the 14th day the position and score are going to be nullified and the competition will start for a new period, which lasts from 16th day till the end of the calendar month.

Every day look up in the site if new matches are available to be predicted. When you give your predictions, press the button “Predict” for each game separately. The match will be locked 10 minutes before it starts, so you will not have the right to predict or to change it.

At the end of each period the participants who have collected the most points will win the cash prizes as follows:

1st position    25 Euro

2d position    15 Euro

3d position   10 Euro

If there is a certain number of consumers with equal number of points, the one with the less predicted matches goes to an advance position.

And still if a situation occurs in which we have several participants with absolutely equal points and games, then the prize fund will be divided into equal parts between them.

A user has the right of only one registration with the purpose participation in the game of prognoses. People who play by several accounts will be eliminated from the competition.

The game is protected by an automatic IP ban!

The prizes will be paid to your BetFair or to your Moneybookers account.

As soon as the winners become clear we will get in touch with you  by E-mail to arrange the receiving of your prizes.

And last but not least we would like to apologize in advance for our omissions or problems. The site is new and it is in a permanent process of development and upgrading.

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