Address Reason Not a good place for your money. Fast limitations, money confiscations. Wager scams, unjustly cancels bets, changes rules after wager etc. Be careful with that bookie. Your account will be limited soon after your first winning bet. It is posible to found your money confiscated. Slow payments. It is almost impossible to withdraw money from that bookmaker. Your account will be limited after your second or third bet... 4-5 euro maximum bet does not sounds good. Practically, you can not rollover the hard bonus requirements. Slow and incompetent support. The bonus might seem easy, but in fact is incredibly hard. The odds you see at the Leonbets page are not the real ones. Each bet you make is going to be confirmed from the support.. now you got it.. the support will not approve your bet. Instead of this, they will offer you much lower odd than the odd you have choosen.. now you should accept 1.80 instead of 1.90 or cancelation of your bet. Slow payments, slow to respond support. Do NOT lie yourself to take advantage of the 'easy' €100 bonus. The truth about Tipico is that the bookie has confiscated a lot of money from the players without reasonable explanation. We recommend all the premiumbet visitors NOT to trust in that bookie. One 'beautiful' morning your money might get confiscated.