The truth about FIXED games! (15.02.2014)

What is a fixed game? Can we trust the people who sells fixed games? Isn't that a big scam, created to steal your money? Take a minute and read the text below!

Today, many people pretends to have an information about a manipulated games. There are thousands of facebook groups and web-sites, that offers"100 % sure" or "changing life" information.  The owners of these facebook groups or sites offers odds of 20.00 up to 800.00. To get that info the "easy-money hunters" (YOU!) must only pay for the information (25, 50, 100, 200 ... 500 euro..). 

OK, let me tell you now the truth. ALL OF THIS IS A BIG LIE, A SCAM. EVERY SINGLE FIXED GAME SELLER IS A SCAMMER. These people are only trying to steal your money. And if you try to take advantage on a "fixed" game you will not only loose the money you paid, but the money you have bet with also. I am going to explain you now the most common tricks that scammers use.

1. Fake bet-ticket photos - In many cases pure Photoshop. It is realy easy to do that. (Long time ago I send photoshop moderated ID of my own to a bookie .. and they accepted it!)

2. Fake videos - The scammers records a video with topic How they took the money they have won from the bookie - that is a low-money movie of 2-3 actors.. with a fake bet-ticket included.

3. Posting after the game was finished - Popular method for manipulating people. There is a trick to hide or change the time and date of posting someting on the facebook wall. So the scammer can post for example "Lille - Caen , 100 % Fixed! THE GAME WILL FINISH - 3:3. I give this for free! inbox me for the next game!" , just after the game has been finished.

4. Permanent deleting the negative comments send by the angry users. Blocking the angry users.

*You just have to understand that nobody who has that kind of information will ever let you know about it.  *If many people bets on something the Odd will be immediately changed or even blocked.

And now .. final words .. please, excuse my English for not being perfect. I hope my text will be useful to you. Don't lie yourself about that "Fixed games". These people makes easy money by cheating people. Next time when you see a group including "fixed.." you'd better block that page. 

Please post on your wall or share that text. Lets all together stop the scammer invasion!

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